Open-source at Getaround

Free open-source software is the mainstay of today’s software community. Here at Getaround, open-source has been part of our DNA since our very early days.

We’ve always felt strongly that it’s important to give back to the open-source community. With this in mind, we’ve started to extract parts of our codebase and release them as open-source projects. Most of our work runs on Ruby on Rails. In addition, we’re also putting a list together of the gems we have already extracted (below).

Our aim is to share our passion for open-source, but also our experience from the lessons learned over the years spent building Getaround into what we are today. We think there is value to be found in transparency about how engineers collaborate to solve problems differently.

Engineering at Getaround means more than doing stuff. It means asking questions, sharing knowledge and exchanging resources; all with the common goal of building a better alternative to car ownership. You can see more of this in action on our Engineering Blog.